Healthy Temptation BC

DELICIOUS The natural taste of true dark chocolate Mini Donuts Power Take away the hunger and get
a boost of energy in one bite.
Lemon Pie / What's your choice today? Pistachio & Coconut
Loaf Bread


Healthy Temptations
You Can Enjoy Every Day

Our temptations are made with all fresh and natural ingredients.

These desserts are made without the use of preservatives
and artificial colouring and flavour.


Mini Donuts


Homemade Brownies

Raw Desserts



Other Temptations

Free of Guilt. Full of Health.

Our desserts are made all with natural healthy ingredients full of benefits for you.

Refined Sugar-Free

Our temptations are made with natural sweeteners: coconut sugar, stevia, monk's fruit, maple syrup, agave syrup, honey.


Our temptations do not contain butter or any other product derived from cow's milk. All of them are dairy-free. We use vegetable milk.

Natural and Fresh

Our Temptations are made with natural and fresh ingredients. Preservatives, artificial flavors & colors free.

Dark Chocolate

70% cocoa.


Our Temptations are made with Gluten-Free Flours.


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